FULL SPECTRUM – This LED grow light includes a proprietary blend of warm and cool white, deep red and far-red Samsung Top Bin diodes creating a wide spectral output ranging from 400-730nm which can improve growth in all stages of the plants lifecycle. Ideal for beginners or professional growers.

BETTER RESULTS – With the use of our finely tuned spectrum, high PPFD and uniform distribution you can expect increased flower density, higher potency, improved terpene, and flavonoid profiles and higher yields.

BETTER DESIGN – Foldable, all-in-one design, with no assembly required. Onboard dimmable, 6 wide body LED light strips per fixture using 3600 individual diodes are encased in aluminum heat sinks for passive heat dissipation and powered by industry leading drivers with high precision and high efficiency for durable and stable performance and uniform light distribution.

ENERGY SAVING – A high performance solution serving as a 1:1 replacement for commonly used 1000w HID lighting. Using 720w of high efficiency targeted LED lighting we can provide a considerable savings in both power usage as well as the need for additional ac tonnage, water consumption etc.