Why PARSpective LED?

We are growers who use these lights every day! We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service, excellent technical assistance and fast response times. We believe in what we sell and we will support you throughout your entire process. Small or large, we are here for you.

Why use LED's for your lighting needs?

Less energy consumption
Lower HVAC costs
Less heat
Full spectrum
Higher efficiency
Longer lifespan
Longer warranty
Low maintenance
Easy to install
Reported faster finish times
No lamp change outs
No reflectors change outs
Increased flower density

What is PAR, PPF, PPFD and DLI?
PAR is Photosynthetically Active Radiation which is a measurement of light output within the photosynthetic range of 400-700nm. This range represents the area of light plants use to grow during photosynthesis. PAR is typically displayed in a colored graph from blue to red and is measured in micromoles of light per second.
PPF is a Photosynthetic Photon Flux. This is a measurement typically displayed by lighting manufacturers to show the amount of PAR that is produced by the actual lighting system.
PPFD is Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. This is the actual amount of PAR that makes it to the plant. It, too, is measured in micromoles per second and readings are taken at the plant canopy. Multiple measurements are typically taken in various locations in and around the coverage area by the light manufacturer to display a graph or map of PPFD in the designated area.
DLI refers to the Daily Light Integral which is the amount of PAR the plant receives each day as a result of the light intensity and the duration. DLI is expressed in micromoles of light per square meter per day. It is widely accepted that for proper growth and photosynthesis levels of cannabis plants the DLI should be between 22-65 depending on the current stage of the plants life cycle.
All of these characteristics should be considered together when evaluating a new lighting system. Feel free to contact our team at sales@parspectiveled.com for assistance with interpreting the use of PAR. PPFD and DLI to maximize your growth potential.
What is your product warranty?

Our products are all backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

What diodes do you use in your lights?
We use Samsung diodes as they deliver full spectrum light specifically designed for horticulture. We have chosen to use the following diodes in our current builds. As LED technology is everchanging, we will continue to test and evolve with the technology.

0.2 W, 3 V mid power LED
Luminous Flux: 38 lm @ 65 mA
Luminous Efficacy: 210 lm/W

0.2 W, 3 V mid power LED
Luminous Flux: 39.3 lm @ 65 mA
Luminous Efficacy: 223 lm/W

What lights should I use and how many do I need?
This is an individual decision based on your own specific needs. Send us an e-mail at sales@parspectiveled.com and our team will be happy to assist you.
What is shipping going to cost me?

We know what it’s like to go through the entire process of making your product selections, building your expectations and excitement to only have that feeling smashed by sticker shock when you see what shipping is going to cost you. We have made the business decision to offer free shipping on all domestic orders. So if you are ordering in the lower 48 you pay nothing to get the product shipped to you.

What are your lead times?

As of the writing of this FAQ our projected lead times are 2 weeks. Due to fluxuations in demand, lead time may vary from 1-5 weeks. If you need your product sooner or at a specific time, please reach out to our sales team and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.